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Large Meeting Rooms

Large Meeting Rooms

Designed for large conference, classrooms and meeting with up to 30+ people
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Video Conferencing solutions

Wireless Conference Room

For all varieties of conference and meeting rooms, Quest Systems can help customers to increase collaboration, reduce travel with our video conferencing solutions tailor made for your business.

Crestron Room Control System

Be in control with Crestron Control Systems that help organizations, large or small, increase efficiencies and lower costs.

Logitech Rally & VC Solution

Logitech offers video conferencing solutions suitable for all room sizes and environments. Offering small all in one bars with high quality built in speakers, microphone and camera right through to the Logitech Rally Plus System for large meeting rooms with up to 20 participants. All Logitech Video Conferencing Systems can be paired with the Logitech TAP Meeting Room Touch Control Compute, creating an all in one easy to operate Microsoft teams room or Zoom room.

Poly Studio Range & Accessories

It delivers one of the best audio quality in its class, allowing teams to see and hear everyone clearly while blocking distracting sounds during business meetings. Poly integrates with many cloud communications services including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Yealink, Neat, Kramer, EPOS

Quest Systems partnered with many highend video conferencing manufacturers to provide tailored services for all needs. We help to enrich your meeting expreince with a range of user-friendly Video conferencing tools

Enterprise grade technology

We partner with premium technology Vendors to deliver robust, integrated solution.

audio visual solutions


Our specialist team, with years of experience, will provide their expert opinion on the best solution suited to your requirements and your business.


Our team are specialists in design of a wide variety projects from large to small, creating rooms such as all meeting rooms to large conference rooms.


The Quest Systems project management team will program, configure, implement and install your scalable solution


We offer both remote and onsite maintenance and support services for customers for AV and Digital solutions

In today’s dynamic business environment, Conference Room Audio Video Solutions are crucial for facilitating effective communication and collaboration. Whether part of a fledgling startup or a sprawling multinational, the demand for seamless Conference Room Solutions has reached unprecedented levels. These solutions incorporate a vast array of technologies, from Conference Room Cameras and Audio Solutions to advanced Conference Room Control Systems.

An optimally integrated Conference Room Meeting System ensures not only the transmission of clear audio and sharp video but also the availability of user-friendly conferencing controls, thus making meetings more productive and efficient. For smaller or Bigger enterprises, the selection of an appropriate Conferencing System for is vital. High-Quality Conferencing Systems, such as those provided by Logitech, Yealink add a layer of professionalism and dependability to each meeting.

Additionally, the move towards wireless technology has led to the development of Wireless Conference Room and Display Solutions, offering greater flexibility and a reduction in clutter. Wireless Video Conference Systems, in particular, are gaining popularity, enabling participants to connect from any location without the need for obtrusive cables. For businesses seeking to upgrade or install new conference room technologies, choosing comprehensive Video Conferencing Solutions is essential for fostering a dynamic and interactive meeting environment.

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