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Embrace you Architecture with Curved LED Walls

Curved LED wall

LED video wall technology is redefining visuals in performance spaces and places of worship nationwide. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to any size and shape, including curves, and perform brilliantly in well-lit environments ensures content remains vibrant from every viewpoint. Additionally, LED walls eliminate common issues like shadow casting and glare from projector beams..

The striking brightness of LED video walls captivates audiences more effectively than traditional projection and LCD displays. With the unique capacity to produce true black through integrated color and light diodes, LED walls offer unparalleled contrast and depth, making every image come to life.

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Longer Life

LED video walls boast a remarkable lifespan of 12-15 years, offering a more cost-effective solution over time compared to traditional projection methods.

Less Maintenance

No need for lamp or filter replacements. Should a pixel fail, simply replace it with one of the spare LED tiles provided. We offer long-term support by supplying additional tiles from the same LED batch, ensuring seamless maintenance and consistency.

More Flexible

The panels effortlessly connect, allowing for a variety of configurations suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups.

We have LED Wall solutions for every application

wallmount LED WALL

Wall Mount

Robust aluminum brackets for wall mounting. For the most seamless integration of your LED display into the designated space, we suggest using plywood as a foundational backing, securely fastened to the wall studs.


LED panels are equipped with header bars, complete with built-in robust eye bolts, enabling the suspension of your LED video wall. This flown installation method projects your content into the space, capturing attention and significantly enhancing audience interaction

Ground Support

Ideal for mobile LED displays and scenic stage backgrounds. Demands room at the rear for the supporting framework.

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